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Ferrous Oxalate

Ferrous Oxalate
Detailed description

Items Special Grade
Assay FeC2O4·2H2O,%   ≥99.6
Insoluble Matter in H2SO4,%  ≤0.01
Chloride (Cl),%  ≤0.05
Sulfate (SO4),% ≤0.1

Light yellow crystalline powder with a little irritant. The melting point is 160°C(Decomposition) with the tap density of 1.25g/cm3 and the apparent density 0.8g/cm3. In vacuum it loses its crystallization of water at 142°C.In cold water the solubility is 0.22g/100g while in warm water is 0.026g/100g.But it can dissolve in cold hydrochloric acid

Coating, dye, ceramics,  glass and sensitive material. It can be used as developer and pharmaceutical industry.
Ferrous oxalate (Cell Grade) can be used as the raw material of LFP for the anode.

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