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Analysis of the future development trend of China's construction machinery industry

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

In recent years, with the expansion of infrastructure and innovation, embarked on a large scale of construction machinery equipment manufacturing industry's mainstream. New push of urbanization in the near future under the present situation, demand will surge in construction machinery industry. However, with the increase of construction machinery products and increase in difficulty of construction project, construction machinery market competitiveness has been strengthened in the future. Therefore, strong market challenges, meet current construction condition and efficiency of construction machinery in order to gain market acceptance. The road construction equipment in the future direction of development will gradually clear.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Recently, the environmental problems has become increasingly serious. Meanwhile, contaminated a large proportion of China's construction machinery industry. China is the world's largest construction site and, therefore, emissions from construction machinery has become a heavy burden. In the strengthening of the national environmental protection today, focuses on environmentally friendly construction machinery demand. While China's pollution has reached a certain level of environmental governance not only in the present and in the future is also a top priority. The industrial energy-saving "Twelve-Five" also shows that the industry's overall objectives of planning: by 2015, the above-scale industrial added value of energy consumption is decreased by about 21% 2010.

Analysts pointed out that energy conservation and environmental protection in China's construction machinery industry will be faced with an important opportunity. In recent years, launched a series of new products, energy saving and environmental protection has become an important direction of development of construction machinery enterprises strategy. Both in terms of reducing environmental burdens, or break down foreign trade barriers and other considerations, road to energy conservation and environmental protection will become the development trend of construction machinery.

Intelligent and efficient

Xugong group scraper weapon Division Deputy General Manager Ma Zhu spoke, in the mechanical engineering industry, intelligent manufacturing technology can not only ensure the stability of product quality, improve labor productivity, improve working conditions and labor intensity of workers, but also speed up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, get rid of the homogeneity of the product competition, and enhance brand value. China construction machinery change from big to strong, from the traditional mechanical to digital, automated changes. In products intelligent of and production intelligent of of road Shang, engineering mechanical face domestic market international competition of cruel situation and technology, and new process of challenge in the obtained survival and development must solution listed speed, best of quality, minimum of cost, optimal of service, to reached intelligent of of purpose, so, engineering mechanical intelligent of of road Shang, to has a constantly exploration and innovation of process, engineering mechanical intelligent of of trend gradually obviously formed.