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Characteristics of rubber track excavator

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

Rubber track with light weight, small vibration, low noise, good adaptability, adhesion, surface, without damaging the pavement characteristics especially for road construction in the city.

Steel and rubber track crawler's basic structure is the same, often driven by the guide wheels, rollers, wheels, hidden wheels, tracks and walking frames and other components, the main differences and characteristics are:

(1) rubber molded rubber track is the entire track in a row, Center and a number of steel wire ropes with textile strengthening lateral shoe assassination, transmission parts on the inside. Steel-embeded in the transmission of Vulcanized rubber belt. Rubber track pitch, is the main parameter number, track widths, patterns, embedded metal styles

(2) driving wheels mounted on the travel reducer, winding track to ensure the enjoyment of running and working. Rubber tracks use convex tooth gear, pitch to 128mm. Track the process of bending stress, can cause fatigue damage of shoes, driving wheel diameter not too small.

(3) supporting wheels, roller teeth across the track and guide wheel on either side, the pressure on the rubber surface, rubber and serious pressure to prevent wheel flange cutting and injury, so the wheel rim width: because of the high shoe gear, larger body.

2, the use of maintenance

(1) a suitable tension. Tension force is too small, the track is easy to fall off; tension is too large, reducing track life. Checks and adjustments, the single rose walk, its height should be 10-20mm when tension hours through tensioning adjustment.

(2) machine should avoid sharp objects in the process, so as not to scratch the track; should avoid turning too quickly on the concrete pavement of high friction coefficient to avoid rubber tear. Under normal circumstances, it should avoid turning too fast, too hastily when turning tried not to single track diversion.

(3) don't make track-viscosity oil of corrosive substances, once discovered, should be wiped immediately.

(4) when stored for a long time, should be placed indoors, avoiding the Sun and rain. Before the store, clean tracks, to extend the service life.

(5) change in time.