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Important factors affecting the oil pressure of loader 11

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

Important factors affecting the oil pressure of loader 11

Loader in the work process, if the engine oil pressure below 0.2 MPa (or changes with engine speed and fluctuated), should immediately stop to find reasons, troubleshooting before they can continue working, otherwise it will lead to Burnout, cylinder and other major machinery accident. Low oil pressure in the main reasons are described below.

(1) inadequate engine oil: if not enough oil, and pump less oil will make the oil pump, cause the oil pressure to drop, and increased wear of the crankshaft and bearings, cylinder liner and piston.

(2) the engine temperature is too high: If the engine temperature is too high, not only accelerated the oil aging, deterioration, but also easy to dilute the oil and cause the oil pressure to drop.

(3) the pump stops or inadequate pumping: the oil pump drive gear and work with keys or pins break off of the drive shaft, inhalation of foreign bodies and oil pump and the oil pump gear jammed, will cause the pump to stop working, the oil pressure has dropped to 0. When the oil pump shaft and bushing, gear end clearance between surface and pump cover gaps, backlash or radial clearance due to wear and tear when they exceed the allowed values can lead to pump less oil, the consequences of the oil pressure drops.

(4) the crankshaft and connecting rod bearing clearance is too large: after long term use of the engine, crankshaft and connecting rod bearing clearance will increase gradually, oil pressure is decreased.

(5) oil oil filter plug when oil cannot flow because of oil filter clogging, located in top of the oil filter on the base of the relief valve is opened, the oil will not filter and go directly to the main oil. If the safety valve opening pressure is turned up high, the oil filter is blocked, the relief valve will fail to open, so the oil pump pressure, internal leakage increases, main oil supply decrease, cause the oil pressure to drop.

(6) the return valve damage or failure: return valve spring fatigue softening or improper adjustment, seat with ball bearings with surface wear or when closing the lax is jammed by dirt, oil volume increased, oil primary oil also declined.

(7) oil radiator or pipe oil spill: oil radiators and pipes leak, will make the oil pressure drop. Pipe clogged with dirt, also increases resistance and make the oil flow, pressure drop.

(8) or tubing blocked oil pressure sensor failure: If the oil pressure sensor malfunction, or by the main road to the oil pressure sensor tubing when poor circulation due to accumulation of dirt, oil pressure gauges will show oil pressure drop.

(9) the oil pan plug: engine oil if dirty, sticky, easy to plug oil pan. When the engine is at low throttle speed, small amount of oil pump and oil absorption, main oil can build up a certain amount of pressure, oil pressure will be normal, but when the throttle at high speeds, oil pump oil absorption capacity will decrease due to suction resistance is too large, causing the oil pressure gauge displays value.

(10) the incorrect or poor quality of engine oil: different types of engine oil to be added, the same model in different seasons should also use different grades of oil. If the oil brand is wrong, when the engine is running will increase the amount of leakage due to engine oil viscosity is too low, so that pressure decreases.

(11) low pressure-regulating valve set pressure: If the pressure regulator set low oil pressure, oil cannot be effectively delivered to the lubricated parts, and mechanical failure. If the oil pressure is too high, it will increase fuel consumption, oil pump and lubrication increases the load and damage to the oil seal and triggered the oil spill.