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Loader basics

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

A, loader uses

Loader is installed in the chassis, front-hinged jib, linkage and loading compartments consisting of working equipment, loading, transport, unloading and the smooth operation of self-propelled earth moving machinery. If you change the appropriate device, can also be used for operations such as moving, lifting, loading and unloading of wood and steel, is a very broad use of construction machinery.

Second, the classification of the loader

(1) according to the engine power can be classified into large, medium and small. Engine power is less than 74-kilowatt (100 HP), known as the small loader. Engine power 74~147 kW (100~200 HP), known as medium-loaders. Engine power 147~515 kW (200~700 HP), known as the loader.

(2) according to the walking mechanism can be divided into both wheeled and tracked. Wheel loader is based on the wheeled chassis, configuration consisting of device and operating system. Crawler loader is based on a dedicated crawler chassis or tractor, with work on the device and operating system components. Wheel loader has the advantages of light weight, speed, flexibility, high efficiency, without damaging the pavement when walking. Especially in the small amount of engineering and operating point is not set, transfer more frequent cases, productivity more than track loader, is widely used in the works and farmland capital construction, are the focus of this section.

(3) press the frame types and articulated frame steering system can be divided into bow steering and overall frame deflection wheels in two ways.

(4) according to the unloading methods can be divided into front discharge (loaders at its front end loading and unloading) and Rotary (boom mounted on the turntable of the loader, bucket on the front end when loading, unloading turntable can be turned to a certain angle of the frame) in two ways.

Three, turning tire loader

(A) wheel loader

General layout of tyre loader ZL series is designed by China wheeled shovel loaders, the ZL50 based on designs developed ZL100, ZL40, ZL30, ZL20 loader series, and in this series were developed on the basis of DZL50 and DZL40 for underground mines and tunnel construction by underground loader variable products. Wheeled shovel loaders from engine, transmission system, hydraulic parts, brake systems, equipment and components, such as hydraulic systems.

1, engine

Wheeled shovel loaders engines using the diesel engine. Commonly used diesel 135 series diesel engine, the ZL50 6135K, ZL40 wheel loader diesel engine. Compact wheel loaders used 95 and 105 series diesel engines.