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Loader right steps

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

Loader right steps

, Check vehicle:

1, check the fuel, cooling water or lubricating oil.

2, check the traffic, parking brake reliability.

3, check the empty bucket system operation.

4 with loader, forklift, check check-related projects.

Second, start:

l. Before starting look around and after making sure that no barriers to the traffic safety, whistle, and then start.

2. Brake pressure gauge reading reaches the specified value can be started.

3. Start may not be sudden acceleration, smooth start.

Third, driving:

1. Remove front and rear bodywork before safety bar, and safekeeping.

2. When you are driving on the ramp, should make up the joystick is in the on position, drag the start must be a positive direction.

3. Change driving direction and transform the driving lever must be carried out when the car stops.

4. When items are carried, should be kept under the boom pivot off the ground more than 400mm. Bucket must not be raised to the highest position for delivering materials.

5. Lateral should be avoided in slopes and loading materials.