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Several oil of loader and its selection

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

Loader often used to fuel the main engine oil, diesel engine, torque converter/gearbox oil (hydraulic transmission oil), drive axle oil, hydraulic system of hydraulic oil, the hinge pin of the use of grease, proper selection and use of these oils to maintain normal system operations, reduce wear and extend machine life is of great significance.

1. engine oil

(1) the viscosity grade and quality grades: currently widely used engine oil viscosity grade SAE is the International (United States society of automotive engineers) classification standards, such as SAE5W/40 or SAEl5W/40, the "w" indicates winter (winter), preceded by a smaller number, note oil viscosity of dilute, better liquidity, and the protective effect of cold start of the engine, the better. "W" behind the numbers is the oil temperature indicator, the larger shows protection performance oil at high temperatures, the better, higher viscosity oils relatively high resistance to movement, not only consume power, increase fuel consumption and engine oil oxidation and cold start protection.

General with API (United States oil Association) grade representative engine oil quality of classification, it used simple of code to description engine oil of work capacity, on Mount machine, engineering mechanical more using of diesel engine, its oil quality grade from "SA" has been to "SL", letters more by Hou, quality grade more high, each increments a a letters, oil of performance are is better than Qian a, oil in the has more of protection engine of additives.

Diesel engine oil viscosity grade and quality standards (GB11122-1997) equivalent using the above criteria.

(2) selection of diesel engine oil: diesel engine for wheel loader working conditions, workload, and CD grade engine oil is recommended. Use CD-SAE20W/40 to the South, recommended CD-level SAE5W/30 or 10W/30 to the North, some imported engines require the use of CE, CF above grade engine oil, such as Cummins Engine requires the use of CF-4 or to the superior oil.

2. engine diesel

General use diesel with sulphur content below 0.5%, if the sulphur content is high, will shorten the oil change period. General loader diesel light diesel GB252-1994 provisions, it is suitable for full load speed over 1000r/min of high speed diesel engine.

3. torque converter/gearbox oil (hydraulic drive)

(1) hydraulic fluid oil:

① the hydraulic transmission fluid is a fluid torque converter of energy transfer medium.

② transmission gear and bearing oils.

③ as transmission friction clutch of hydraulic oil.

II as a torque converter, transmission, coolant.

(2) liquid force drive oil of selection: liquid force drive oil normal work temperature for 82~95℃ Zhijian, sometimes can up 120 ℃ around, for on liquid force drive with of oil has special requirements, now no national standards provides its quality grade and the viscosity requirements, General mount machine used of liquid force drive oil for China Blue refining, and Daqing petrochemical plant enterprise standard in the of 6th, liquid force drive oil, 6th, liquid force drive oil main for diesel locomotive and engineering mechanical of liquid force drive oil.

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