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Small loader faced embarrassment and solution

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

Throughout the loader industry, as one of the most sophisticated engineering machinery products, after years of development, production and sales of major manufacturers in the Mainland layout almost complete, while market demand is relatively stable. Overall, the loader industry quite a mature industry. 2013 loader, sales fell 32%, exports also fell 16%. But small loader market conditions better than large loaders. Because its entire loader market matures, so there is little prospect of explosive growth in the domestic, led directly to the low-end product market competition, highlighting the responses in a small loader industry. Companies involved in this field, due to the small size loader industry compared to other construction machinery products with low technical content, market access is not high, currently excessive number of small loader machine production enterprises. Except for a few companies have economies of scale, but the vast majority of enterprises with an annual output the following Millennium, some only have the ability to 200-300 sets. A small loader that cost tens of thousands of Yuan as many companies have produced products, the industry presents a more complex situation. Product quality, aftermarket products, services and other issues also come and go, small loader industry presents a relatively chaotic situation, prospects and development potential of the industry and have a sharp contrast, the industry is developing in an awkward situation.

At present, the small loader production areas in the country are mainly distributed in laizhou, Shandong, Taian, Green Island, and Hebei and other places, most of the market share of almost all of the small loader. Part of the competitive pressures facing the entire industry survive the tension. Dispersed layout of enterprises, developing new market to become one of the export industry out of embarrassing bottlenecks.

And the geography of the rural market has decided on accessories, maintenance services need to improve the system. Users need convenient and fast service. For enterprises, establish and perfect service system is of great significance. Also in on the development of the industry, the Government has the responsibility and obligation to improve the industry and association rules, and avoid vicious competition. While perfecting product quality standards, standardized products industry guidelines to avoid the basic premise of poor quality.

Small loader market share gradually in the future focus, industry is evolving toward a stable structure, few enterprises will market dominance, and gets a major profit. Currently all industries in the technology innovation efforts, technical progress accelerated, the competitiveness of companies is rising. Along with the white-hot competition, because they do not have the economies of scale and cost advantages, those small loader SME acquired by consolidation and inevitable in the coming years.