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Small loader market in-depth analysis

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

Small loaders generally under 3 tonnes, in terms of scope, policy environment, user level and purchase threshold has a huge potential. Use features to analyze small loader is a widely used in road, rail, utilities, construction, ports, mines and other construction projects of earthwork construction machinery. It is mainly used for loading and unloading of soil, gravel, lime, coal, and other bulk materials, ore and hard soil and mild shovels of homework to do. Dress up different auxiliary devices can be moving, lifting and other materials, such as timber loading and unloading operations. On the road, especially in the high-grade highway construction, small loaders can be used for subgrade filling, asphalt and cement concrete of aggregate and loading operations. Can also be pushing transport soil, scraping the ground and pulling other mechanical jobs. Due to the small loader with high speed, high efficiency, good mobility, the advantages of convenient operation, so that it become the main kind of earthwork construction engineering construction. Efficiency conditions for small loader construction range potential, users would choose small loaders as their powerful help.

In the policy environment at the same time, scale the rapid development of urbanization in China and the central fiscal for rural road construction, irrigation and water conservancy investment and agricultural machinery purchase subsidy continued intensified for small loaders products expand the market demand. Rural highway construction in Central has increased in recent years and investment in rural water construction, the "Twelve-Five" period, the rural highway investment will reach 200 billion yuan in the central budget. The next ten years, the country will also invest 4,000 to 500 billion yuan each year for construction of Water Conservancy works, policies for small loaders and other machinery products to expand a certain space for development.