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Steel Girder Frame Bailey Bridge

AKW GROUP | Updated: Jul 29, 2016


2.rapid erection/easy assembled/fast installed

3 huge load
4.Long service life
5.strong corrosin resistance
Bailey Bridge is the most popular type of bridge which is used widely all over the world. Bailey Bridge has simple structure and can be transported, installed and disassembled easily. Bailey Bridge also has the advantage of heavy load capacity, strong structure rigidity and long fatigue life.
Steel bridge is similarly like compact 100,compact 200 International bridge.
it is assembled by each 3m panel, and invented by Donald Bailey.
The compact 100 panel bridge can be easily dissembled and rapidly erected. The whole bridge is made by high-tensile strength steel. Main beam is light weight panels and the panels are connected by panel connection pins.
It is easy to assemble or disassemble and transport. It can also be assembled into different forms of panel bridges according to their span length and transportation requirement. So, it has been widely applied as emergency transportation, temprary or permanent bridge.Its suitable load design is such like HS-15, HS-20, HS-25 and pedrail-50 etc. equivalent.
The compact 200 panel bridge is similar to the compact 100 panel bridge from their appearance. The only difference is the panel height of 2.134m. So, its performance has been highly improved. in addition, there are two-lane structures available, with width of 7.56m, which broden its usage.
Portable Steel Bridge can change by 3.048m as a segment to assemble various bridges.The panel is the basic component of Bailey Bridge, with the dimension of 3.048 x 2.134m. The length of bridge can change by 3.048m as a segment to assemble bridges with various spans and loads.
The width of carriageway is 4.2m single lane and 7.35m double lanes.The surface processing is painted or galvanized according to the requirement.

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