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Liquid Sulfur

Liquid Sulfur

Liquid sulfur Appearance: Yellow brown to Bright yellow Physical Form: Liquid Odor: Rotten egg / sulfurous Odor Threshold: No data pH: Not applicable Vapor Pressure: 1mm Hg @ 363°F / 184°C Vapor Density (air=1): > 38.9 Initial Boiling Point/Range: 833 °F / 445 °C ...

    Detailed description

    Liquid sulfur

    Appearance: Yellow brown to Bright yellow 

     Physical Form: Liquid 

     Odor: Rotten egg / sulfurous 

     Odor Threshold: No data 

     pH: Not applicable 

     Vapor Pressure: 1mm Hg @ 363°F / 184°C 

     Vapor Density (air=1): > 38.9 

     Initial Boiling Point/Range: 833 °F / 445 °C 

     Melting/Freezing Point: 246 °F / 119 °C 

     Solubility in Water: Insoluble 

     Partition Coefficient (n-octanol/water) (Kow): No data 

     Specific Gravity (water=1): 1.8 @ 68ºF / 20ºC 

     Bulk Density: 15 lbs/gal 

     Viscosity: 6.5 cP @ 363°F / 184°C 

     Evaporation Rate (nBuAc=1): No data 

     Flash Point: 405 °F / 207 °C 

     Test Method: Cleveland Open Cup (COC), ASTM D92 

     Lower Explosive Limits (vol % in air): 35 g/m3

     as dust 

     Upper Explosive Limits (vol % in air): 1,400 g/m3

     as dust 

     Auto-ignition Temperature: 450 °F / 232 °C  

    Source of purchase:Russia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, India,The Middle East

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