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Analyzing The New Tendency Of Global Industry, Lonking Deploys New Measures On Enterprise Operation Management

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

On 17th August, Lonking Holdings Ltd convened a meeting in Shanghai to analyze the new tendency of global industry and deploy new measures on enterprise operation management. Holding company leaders, principals of every subsidiary and departments directly under holding company, together with all the staff from International Business Strategic Unit, attended the meeting. 

The meeting began with the speech made by Danny Richard, chief economic analyst of CIC UK. Throughout his speech, he analyzed the tendency of global construction machinery. Then under the macroscopic background of global economic condition, interactions were made to deeply analyze the industrial environment, projects construction, equipment demand and opportunities & challenges for Lonking and its counterparts that are facing in each large region of the world. At last, Mr. QiuDebo, CEO and president of Lonking Holdings Ltd made a speech.

President QiuDebo said, despite the rapid demand shrink and severe sales decline of the whole construction machinery industry currently, Lonking Group is still making remarkable progress not only on enterprise transforming and upgrading, product innovating, channel maintaining, but also on risk control, asset-liability ratio and cash flow guarantee by persistently insisting on “three lowering and three rising”, which means initiatively lower the expectation, risk and cost, at the same time, improve confidence in developing and integrated management ability and market share of both domestic and oversea market. Lonking wheel loader retains champion position on domestic market share. For forklift, Lonking develops with a steady pace. Risk of sales on excavator has been controlled properly. International sales retains steady with slight rising. Lonking keeps its industry-leading position on every developing index. At present and during a long period of time later on, we should fully understand the situation clearly, not only adequately preparing for the long-term downward pressure of the industry development, but also initiatively seizing changes and bravely confronting challenges. Corresponding managers in the holding company should specify their work from the surface to the spot, strengthening follow-ups and lowering their management. Cadres from each subsidiary and department directly under holding company should transform ideas, self-imposing pressure, innovating management and acting initiatively. Staff from each workshop section and administrative office should firmly set the concept of “Customer foremost, product first”, oriented by market, keeping on optimizing job flow, comprehensively improving product quality and servicing ability, constantly satisfying the personalized requirements from different customers or dealers in different regions.

President Qiu said, for a long time, Lonking has a good tradition of “changing a slack sales season to a management improving season”. We must take full advantage of this intermission for production and sales adjustment, strengthening position training and skill competition. The integral management skills and product researching level must be improved. Special importance must be attached on further optimizing HRM mechanism. New breakthroughs should be achieved on post-performance evaluation, stability of core human resource, gross payroll control, working efficiency promotion and etc.

When referring to international business, president Qiu stressed, international business is a significant growth pole for Lonking’s sustainable development. As the strategic customer operation center with the responsibility of Lonking’s global business developing, international strategic business unit should take full advantage of latest data information source, reinforcing the inside and outside linkages with numerous dealers, continuously improving oversea sales conversion ratio, actively adapting new requirements under new condition, contributing more to Lonking’s next span on international business.