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Asphalt Mixing Plant Daily Maintenance

AKW GROUP | Updated: Aug 10, 2017

Asphalt mixing equipment (asphalt concrete mixing plant) works in the open space, Asphalt Mixing Plant the dust pollution is very big, Asphalt Mixing Plant many parts also work in 140-160 degree high temperature, and each class working time is long 12-14h, therefore, the equipment daily maintenance relates to the equipment normal operation and the service life, Asphalt Mixing Plant how does the asphalt mixing station equipment's daily maintenance and the maintenance?

Before the boot, should clear the conveyor belt near the scattered material; first no-load start-up, to the normal operation of the motor can carry load work; equipment with load operation, Asphalt Mixing Plant the need to set up a person to track the equipment inspection, timely adjustment of tape, observation equipment operation status, see the same sound and abnormal phenomenon, exposed instrument display is working normally. If the anomaly is found, the cause should be identified and eliminated in time. After the work of each class, Asphalt Mixing Plant the equipment should be thoroughly inspected and maintained, and the moving parts of the high temperature should be replaced with lubricating grease after each shift, and the air filter and the Water separator filter filter of the air compressor should be cleaned; Check the oil surface height and oiliness of the air compressor lubricant, Asphalt Mixing Plant check the oil surface height and oiliness in the reducer, adjust the tightness of the tape and chain, change the tape and link when necessary, clean the dust in the dust collector and the sundries and scrap in the field, Asphalt Mixing Plant keep the site neat and tidy. The problem of inspecting the mountain in the work should be thoroughly eliminated after class and run the record. Asphalt Mixing Plant In order to master the full use of equipment.

Maintenance work must have the idea of adhering to, not overnight work, must be timely and appropriate maintenance, so as to extend the life of equipment and maintain its production capacity.

Asphalt mixing equipment is a mechanical and electrical equipment, more complex, poor operating environment, to ensure that the equipment is less fault, Asphalt Mixing Plant the crew to do "three diligence": Diligent inspection, diligent maintenance, diligent maintenance. "Three checks": the equipment before the start of inspection, the operation of inspection, downtime check. To do a good job of equipment maintenance and regular repair work, do a "cross" operation (cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, anti-corrosion), good tube, Asphalt Mixing Plant good, good maintenance equipment, to ensure the integrity rate and utilization, the need to maintain the location, in strict accordance with the requirements of equipment maintenance.

Do the daily maintenance work, in strict accordance with the maintenance requirements of equipment. During production to eye view, ear listen to the abnormal situation immediately downtime overhaul, avoid the disease operation. When the equipment is running, the maintenance and commissioning work is strictly prohibited. Asphalt Mixing Plant The key parts should be monitored by special personnel. Reserve the damaged parts and study the causes of the damage. Carefully fill in the operation of the record, the main record of what happens, Asphalt Mixing Plant what happened, and how to analyze the exclusion and how to prevent such situations, Asphalt Mixing Plant running records as first-hand information has a good reference value. During the production of troubleshooting to calm down, should not be grumpy, as long as the master rules, patient thinking, any fault can be a good solution.