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Asphalt Mixing Station Equipment Classification

AKW GROUP | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Asphalt mixing plant, also known as asphalt concrete mixing station, asphalt concrete mixing plant. Refers to the production of asphalt concrete for the production of complete sets of equipment. According to the mixing method, can be divided into mandatory intermittent, continuous production; in accordance with the handling, can be divided into fixed, semi-fixed and mobile.

The main purpose

Asphalt mixing plant, also known as asphalt concrete mixing station, is used in mass production of asphalt concrete complete sets of equipment, can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, color asphalt mixture, is the construction of highways, Municipal roads, airports, ports necessary equipment.

Machine components

Asphalt mixing equipment is mainly composed of batching system, drying system, combustion system, hot material lifting, vibrating screen, hot material storage warehouse, weighing mixing system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, dust removal system, finished silo and control system Part of the composition.


(2) vibrating screen ⑶ belt feeder ⑷ powder conveyor ⑸ dry mixing drum; ⑹ pulverized coal burner ⑺ dust collector ⑻ hoist ⑼ finished silo ⑽ asphalt supply system; ⑾ distribution room ⑿ electrical control system.

Equipment classification

1. According to production capacity can be divided into: small, medium and large.

Small, that is, productivity below 40t / h;

Medium, that is, productivity in the 40 ~ 400t / h;

Large, that is, productivity in more than 400t / h.

2. According to the way of transport (migration) can be divided into: mobile, semi-fixed and fixed.

Mobile, that is, silos and mixing pot comes with tires, with the construction site transfer, apply to county and township roads and low-grade highway projects;

Semi-fixed, that is, equipment in several trailers, assembled at the construction site, and more for road construction;

Fixed, that is, the location of equipment fixed, also known as asphalt concrete processing plant, suitable for engineering, urban road construction.

3. According to the process (mixing method) can be divided into: continuous roller and intermittent mandatory.

Continuous drum type, that is, the use of continuous uninterrupted mixing production, aggregate heating drying and mixing of the mixture in the same roller in a continuous;

Forced intermittent, that is, the heating of the aggregate and the mixing of the mixture is forcibly carried out periodically. Equipment, one pot and one pot separately stirring, each stirring a pot for 45 seconds to 60 seconds, the output depends on the equipment model.

Mobile asphalt mixing station Features:

1, the module design so that handling, installation more convenient and convenient;

2, stirring blade design unique to the very power-driven mixing tank makes mixing easier, more reliable and efficient;

3, the use of imported vibration motor driven vibrating screen, greatly improving the efficiency, but also reduces the failure rate of equipment;

4, bag dust placed in the drying state, placed above the drum to reduce heat loss, save space and fuel;

5, the bottom of the warehouse structure relative to the structure, thus greatly reducing the area occupied by the equipment, while eliminating the finished product lanes to enhance the space, reducing the equipment failure rate;

6, to enhance the aggregate and the use of double-row board to enhance the elevator to increase the service life and improve operational stability;

7, the use of dual automatic control computer / manual control system, with fault automatic diagnosis program is simple and safe.