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Asphalt Mixing Station Part Of The

AKW GROUP | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Asphalt mixing station, also can be called asphalt concrete mixing station, asphalt concrete mixing station. A complete set of equipment used for bulk production of asphalt concrete. According to the mixing method, it can be divided into compulsory and continuous production. According to the transport mode, can be divided into fixed, semi-fixed and mobile.

Main use: asphalt mixing plant, also called asphalt concrete mixing station, is used in batch production of complete sets of equipment of asphalt concrete, it can produce asphalt, modified asphalt mixture and color asphalt mixture is, build up the highway, grade roads, municipal roads, airports, ports of the necessary equipment

Part of the whole machine

Asphalt mixing equipment is mainly composed of batching system, drying system, combustion system, heat is expected to improve, vibrating screen, thermal storage silo, weighing mixing system, asphalt supply system, powder feed system, dust removal system, finished product bin and control system parts.


The paper is used for the vibrating screen of the belt feeder. The supply system of the material warehouse of the material warehouse of the coal burner of the coal pulverized coal burner.

The electrical control system of the power distribution room.

Equipment classification

1. The production capacity can be divided into: small, medium and large.

Small, that is, productivity is below 40t/h;

Medium, i.e., productivity at 40 ~ 400t/h;

Large, that is, productivity is above 400 t/h.

2. The mode of transport (migration mode) can be divided into: mobile, semi-fixed and fixed.

Mobile, that is, the hopper and the mixing pot with the tyres, can be transferred with the site site, suitable for county and township roads and low-grade highway projects;

Semi-fixed type, the equipment is installed in several trailers, in the construction site assembly, more for highway construction;

Fixed fixed, the equipment job site fixed, also known as the asphalt concrete processing plant, applicable to the engineering concentration, urban road construction.

3. According to process flow (agitation mode) can be divided into: continuous roller type and intermittent strong mode.

Continuous roller type, namely, continuous and continuous stirring mode, the heat drying and mixing of aggregate are carried out continuously in the same cylinder. Forced intermittence, that is, the heating of the aggregate and the mixing of the mixture are forced periodically. The equipment is stirred in a pan and a pan, each stirring a pot of 45 seconds to 60 seconds. The output is determined by the model of the equipment.