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Asphalt Mixing Station Trip Problem

AKW GROUP | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

As the core of the asphalt mixing plant, the control system design has been introduced with you, and then the next is about its daily maintenance. Do not ignore this aspect, good maintenance will also play a role in the control system to play, so as to promote the use of asphalt mixing plant effect.

As with other equipment, asphalt mixing station control system must also be maintained every day, the maintenance of the main content is the discharge of condensate, check the lubricating oil and air compressor system management and maintenance. Since the discharge of condensate involves the entire pneumatic system, it is necessary to prevent water droplets from entering the control element.

When the pneumatic device is running, should check the oil mist drip oil is in line with the requirements, oil color is normal, do not dust, moisture and other impurities mixed into them. The daily management of air compressor systems is nothing more than sound, temperature and lubricants, etc., to ensure that these can not exceed the prescribed standards.

How to solve the asphalt mixing plant in the process of tripping problems

Asphalt mixing plant equipment can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, color asphalt mixture, fully meet the construction of highways, grade roads, municipal roads, airports, ports and other needs. Because of its well-structured, accurate gradation, high measurement accuracy, good quality and easy control of finished products, it is popular in the works of asphalt pavement, especially expressway, but there is sometimes a tripping phenomenon at work. What should we do when we are?

For the vibrating screen asphalt mixer: no load running a trip, once again start the trip. Replace the new thermal relay, the fault still exists. Check the contact, the motor resistance, grounding resistance and voltage, and so on, did not find the problem; pull the belt, start the vibrating screen, ammeter instructions for normal, no-load run for 30 minutes no problem tripping phenomenon, failure is not in the electrical part. After reassembling the belt, the vibrating screen found a more serious eccentric block being defeated.

The magnetic table is fixed in the vibrating screen box board, with a radial jumping crossed inspection axis, measured as 3.5 mm maximum radial runout; the maximum amount for the bearing diameter of the oval The degree is 0.32 mm. Replace the vibrating screen bearings, install the eccentric block, restart the vibrating screen, normal ammeter instructions.