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Excavating Machinery Bucket Digging

AKW GROUP | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

  The excavating machinery is to excavate the material that is higher or lower than the bearing machine, and load the conveyance or unloading the earth machinery.The excavated materials are mainly soil, coal, sand and rock and ore after prerelease.The excavating machinery is divided into single bucket excavator and multi-bucket excavator.

The mining machinery is generally composed of power plant, transmission device, walking device and working device.Single bucket excavators and bucket wheel excavators and turntable, multi-bucket excavators and material conveying devices.

The power plant has diesel engine, motor, diesel generator set or external power converter unit.Diesel engines and motors are mostly used for medium and small mining machines, and are driven by a primary motive, which can be interchangeable.Diesel generator sets and external power converter units are used for large and medium - sized mining machines and are driven by multiple motors.

The walking device is mainly used to support the machine, to change the position of the machine and to transfer the field;In addition, bucket excavators and ring-wheel excavators can be used to cut the soil along with the walking equipment.The walking device has several kinds of crawler, wheel - type, walking, rail, float and drag.

The track type is used when the ground is fixed and the ground is lower than the pressure.When the work site is changeable, the tyrotype is used;When special rails must be set up for special construction conditions, rail lines shall be used;To excavate the underwater soil and use the planktonic type;When the walking device of small single bucket excavator has no power source, it can be dragged.When the working site is fixed and the machine is heavy, use walking style.Most of the walking walking devices are used for large, medium and medium - sized shovel excavators and bucket wheel excavators in single bucket excavators.

Common excavator structures include power plant, working device, rotating mechanism, operating mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism and auxiliary facilities.

The transmission mechanism passes the power of the engine to the hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder and other actuators through the hydraulic pump to push the working device to complete all kinds of work.

According to the bucket, excavators can be divided into shovel excavators, backhoe excavators, dragline excavators and shovel excavators.Backhoe excavators are used to excavate more surface material, and backhoe excavators are used to excavate materials below the surface.

1. The anti-shovel type of backhoe excavator is the most common one we have seen, which is backward and forced to cut soil.Below can be used to stop the operation of mining, basic modes of operation are: gully end mining, mining, straight line, curve mining mining, maintain and super deep trench excavation and groove Angle mining slope mining, etc.

2. Shovel excavator

The shovel earth action form of the shovel.Its characteristic is "advance upward, force cut soil".It can excavate the ground of the above ground, and it is suitable for the dry foundation pit which is bigger than 2m, but must be set up and down the ramp.The shovel bucket is larger than the equivalent of the backhoe excavator, but the excavation water content is not greater than 27%

To three types of soil, and with the self-unloading vehicle to complete the whole excavating transportation operation, it can also excavate large dry foundation pit and mound, etc.The excavation method of the shovel excavator is based on the difference between the excavation route and the relative position of the transport vehicle, and there are two ways of digging and unloading the earth: the forward excavation and the lateral unloading;Forward digging, reverse unloading.

3. Pull shovel

The dragline is also called shovel.Its excavation features are: "backward downwards, self-resecting soil".Suitable for excavation, such as the following Ⅰ downtime, Ⅱ soils.When working, use the inertial force to dump the bucket, dig a far, dig the earth radius and the excavation depth is bigger, but not as well as the backhoe is flexible and accurate.It is especially suitable for digging large deep excavation or underwater excavation.

4. Grab shovel

The shovel excavator is also called grab excavator.Its excavation features: "straight up straight down, self-resecting soil".Suitable for excavation, such as the following Ⅰ downtime, Ⅱ soils, in is often used in the excavation of foundation pit in soft soil area, open caisson, etc.It is especially suitable for digging deep and narrow foundation pits, dredging old channels and dredging the silt of water, etc., etc.There are two types of excavation and excavation.If the grab bucket is made into a grid, it can also be used for storing ore blocks, wood chips, wood and so on.

Today's excavators account for most of the hydraulic full-rotary excavators.Hydraulic excavators are mainly composed of engine, hydraulic system, working device, walking device and electrical control.Hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pump, control valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, pipeline and tank.The electrical control system includes monitoring disk, engine control system, pump control system, various kinds of sensors, electromagnetic valve, etc.