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Excavating Machinery Data Display

AKW GROUP | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

Excavating Machinery China Construction Machinery Industry Association excavation machinery branch research data show that as of the end of 2015, China's investment in planning and production of mining machinery enterprises, the number of enterprises from 2010 to reduce the current 50 or so. Of which about 30 large-scale production enterprises, planning capacity of about 40 million units, about 200 agents. (From 2015, Xuzhou Xugong Mining Machinery Co., Excavating Machinery Ltd. to join the Chinese mining machinery industry statistics) total sales of about 500 different models and specifications of the mining machinery products, a single machine weight range of 1 ~ 537 tons.

From the market structure point of view, before 2010, Excavating Machinery Japanese brands occupy the dominant market, the market share of 34% to 37% range of small shocks; Europe and the United States brand share of small contraction; Korean brand continued to decline trend, Nearly 10%; Excavating Machinery domestic brands grow year by year, and the Korean brand was basically "he disappeared" relationship, the market share increased by 10 percentage points. After 2010, Japan, Korean brand share continued to shrink; Europe and the United States brand share increased slightly; domestic brand share is greatly improved, less than 20% before 2006, Excavating Machinery 2015 accounted for half of the country, reached 50.7% of the market Share.

At present, China's mining machinery industry is facing a downward trend is temporary, China's development potential is still great. From the market to maintain the amount of view, 10-year market trend is tending to stabilize the 8-year and 6-year market share trend has crossed the top turned down, so we pessimistic estimate to 2018 (from 2010 8 years, from 2012 6 years), the peak sales of mining machinery products will gradually enter the replacement phase; optimistic estimates to 2016, may see the entire construction machinery market there is a fundamental turning point.

From the real estate market to pick up, Excavating Machinery the direction of government infrastructure spending, the direction of public finances and even export activities to infer that the economy may have been in the location where we are now near the end of the first half of 2016 relative to the current situation should be gradually improved , China's construction machinery industry will also face some rare opportunities for development.

China's urbanization development, Excavating Machinery the development of urban infrastructure, the development of green civilization, the Yangtze River economic zone strategy, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration and development strategy, "one way along the way" strategic concept, into the "three five" will gradually enter the implementation Stage, and gradually benefit from the excavation machinery industry. "Sponge city" construction to the integrated corridor construction equipment and other industries to bring rapid expansion opportunities, small equipment, special equipment, work devices and other fields also contains unlimited potential, Excavating Machinery waiting for further excavation. Therefore, the excavation machinery industry will be out of the trough, into a new good development cycle.

In the new normal, the future of China's mining machinery market will not be calm, will still be full of challenges. But we firmly believe that the development of the opportunity is absolutely greater than the risk. The industry is only a firm ideals and beliefs unwavering, Excavating Machinery and firmly realize the determination and confidence of China's construction machinery power unswervingly, and actively change the mode of development, and strive to improve the resilience, give full play to technological advantages and industrial advantages in order to continue to overcome difficulties and meet challenges.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, Korea, Europe and the United States brand market share compared with the third quarter of 2015 was basically flat, Excavating Machinery domestic brands (in terms of sales volume by 2015) Market share fell 4%, on the contrary, the Japanese brand rose by 4 percentage points.