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Excavating Machinery Difficult Process

AKW GROUP | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Subway construction is a complex and difficult process, which in the subway tunnel excavation is bound to use the shield machine, Excavating Machinery shield machine is an important subway construction machinery and equipment, generally used to dig between the two sites. Shield machine is divided into two main parts of the mainframe and frame. The host weighs about 220 tons, in the front part is the nose, Excavating Machinery the above is a blue circular cutter, about 6.5 meters in diameter, the knife is equipped with four or five kinds of blades, can cope with different soil geological conditions. Followed by a sealed cabin body about 8 meters long, trailing with six cars, used to load the shield of the power system, hydraulic system, soil improvement system, sealing system, PLC control system, auxiliary system Etc., the overall structure of more than 70 meters long.

The shield machine runs like a train that can be drilled, and its working principle is somewhat similar to an electric shaver. When it starts to work it relies on the power of the jacks inside the fuselage to push forward, rotating the cutterhead digging the soil. Excavating Machinery Digging the soil at the same time with concrete ring piece affixed to prevent soil collapse, each digging a ring of 1.2 meters long, with 6 pieces of pieces. Excavating Machinery And the excavated soil will be transported by the spiral conveyor to the loading of soil vehicles, transported back to the ground.

First of all before the construction, engineers to carry out the planning of vehicle lines, planning to be established in urban development strategy, Excavating Machinery the overall planning, land use planning on the basis of.

And then to conduct geological exploration, Excavating Machinery through the drilling sampling, electrical exploration, magnetic exploration, acoustic wave exploration and other methods to analyze.