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Excavating Machinery Eight Maintenance List

AKW GROUP | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

To extend the life of the excavation machinery, the most important thing is to keep the excavation machinery, and only to maintain a good effort to work. The following for everyone to organize a mining machinery eight maintenance list

Maintenance 1: daily maintenance is essential

To a day for a term, you have to repair the digging machine. Excavation of the daily maintenance of the machine in fact there are many, such as we are more familiar with the butter. Give you a list of daily check items!

For example: check and adjust the track tension; check the front window cleaning liquid level; check the cleaning air filter; check the adjustment of mining machinery air conditioning; clean the cab floor; when cleaning or replacement of coolant, Level on the ground; check and tighten the track shoe bolts; clean the inside of the cooling system, adjust the excavation machinery bucket clearance and so on. The original need to maintain the inspection of things so much!

Maintenance 2: Check before the engine starts

In the excavation machinery to start the construction, start the engine before the need to check, for example, check the coolant liquid level height (water), check the air filter is blocked, check the excavation machinery engine oil level, check the hydraulic oil level Add the hydraulic oil), check the excavation machinery fuel oil level (plus fuel), check the speaker is normal, check the bucket lubrication, check the oil and water separator in the water and sediment and so on.

Maintenance three: every 100 hours need maintenance

Normally, the excavation machinery needs to be maintained once every 100 hours, such as: boom, stick connecting pin, boom cylinder head pin, bucket cylinder cylinder pin, arm cylinder rod end, bucket cylinder Cylinder head pin, bucket cylinder rod end, check the oil tank inside the tank and so on.

Maintenance four: every 250 hours of maintenance items

The maintenance items that can be carried out every 250 hours are: the inspection of the oil level (plus the gear oil) in the final gear box of the excavation machine, the inspection of the tension of the fan belt, the tension of the air conditioning compressor belt Inspection, inspection of battery electrolyte, replacement of oil in engine oil pan, and replacement of engine cartridge.

Maintenance five: every 500 hours maintenance items

In the 500 hours need to carry out maintenance items are: digging the fuel filter replacement, check and clean digging machine radiator heat sink, check the rotary pinion grease height (with grease), oil cooler heat sink and cold suspects Heat sink, hydraulic oil filter replacement, replace the oil in the final transmission box (only for the first time in 500 hours, after 1000 hours), cleaning and digging machine air conditioner system internal and external air filter, replace the hydraulic oil vent filter The Do not know the above maintenance you have done it?

Maintenance six: 1000 hours of maintenance items

1000 hours is also a time for the maintenance of the digging machine node, should be carried out inspection and maintenance matters are: the shock absorber shell oil level (back to the oil) inspection, mining machinery rotary machine box oil replacement, check the turbocharger All the fasteners of the generator, the inspection and replacement of the generator belt tension, the replacement of the anti-corrosion filter and the replacement of the oil in the final gearbox.

Maintenance seven: 2000 hours of digging machine maintenance

Excavation machinery in 2000 hours of maintenance are: cleaning hydraulic tank filter, check the generator, start the motor, check the engine valve clearance, turbocharger inspection cleaning, shock absorber inspection and so on.

Maintenance of eight: 4000 hours or more need to carry out maintenance

Mining machinery in the life cycle of each stage should be maintained every 4000 hours need to increase the inspection of the pump; every 5,000 hours need to increase the replacement of hydraulic oil maintenance.

Summary: maintenance for the role of mining machinery is self-evident, mining machinery in the use of the process will be a variety of failures, regular maintenance and inspection can effectively reduce the occurrence of failure to extend the life of digging machine. Of course, according to different models and the specific use of digging machine, maintenance cycle and maintenance of the project will be different.