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Excavating Machinery Growth Market

AKW GROUP | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

8 consecutive months of high operation, excavators continued to grow market, the industry eyebrows. "Recently, the long-term concern of the machinery industry, Ningxia industrial law firm lawyer Ninliva told the author, Excavating Machinery the excavator sales market burst, Excavating Machinery from last year, the increase in real estate investment, infrastructure construction, as well as the old machine for new demand increase and other factors.

China Construction Machinery Industry Association Mining Machinery Branch (hereinafter referred to as "excavation Machinery Branch") statistics show that 2017-year-a-quarter domestic mining machinery market a total of 38442 mining machinery sales, year-on-year increase of 105%. Among them, 26 host enterprises to sell a total of different models and specifications of mining machinery products 40468 units, year-on-year growth of 98.9%.

It is understood that since the beginning of last August, the mining machinery market has continued to maintain explosive growth. In the industry's view, this is rare, Excavating Machinery in addition to increased market demand, the market is also subject to increased expectations and other factors, so need to maintain rational.

The high growth in excavator sales is not expected to last long. "Li Thunderbolt, Excavating Machinery chief economist of China Securities, said recently that despite the highest size of small excavators, there has been no significant change, and the biggest improvement is in large excavators with more than 30 tonnes, mainly in the mining industry."

Excavator sales are close to 2012 levels in the first quarter of this year. March 2017, excavator sales rose 56.2% year-on-year, the first quarter of the excavator sales growth of 98.87%, digging, digging, small digging sales increased by 2700, 4808, 12156, respectively, Year-on-year gains 141%, 132%, 92%. Not only that, the author learned that the excavator sales momentum has been transmitted to other construction machinery and equipment, now 2 months ago crane sales growth of 130%, loader sales growth of more than 60%, Excavating Machinery leading to the entire machinery industry sales good.

According to excavation Machinery branch statistics, Excavating Machinery since 2016, mining machinery attendance hours and attendance, deduct January ~ February Spring Festival Seasonal impact, attendance hours are basically stable, equipment attendance is also stable at a higher level.

In fact, "since the second half of 2016, China's mining machinery sales market ushered in a long absence of growth." Compared to the previous long period of time, China's mining market is gloomy and the market is not high. Ninliva said: "The start of projects around the excavator sales increase, Excavating Machinery is not a small factor." This year some manufacturers of excavators broken goods, and the second-hand excavator trading market is booming, indicating that the excavator market has a strong demand. ”

The data from the mining machinery branch shows that 2016 27 mainframe manufacturers sold 70320 sets of mining machinery products of different models and specifications, up 19.3% Year-on-year, the first time since 2012. According to comparable business sales, the four-quarter year-on-year increase was 6.7%, 10.5%, 45% and 74.6% respectively, and the industry has seen a marked burst of growth since the second half of 2016.

Mining Machinery Branch In this regard, Excavating Machinery the excavator industry has been out of the downturn, bottoming rebound. With the close of the 19 and the deepening of the supply side reform, it is expected to bring a bigger reform dividend and bring new opportunities for the development of the machinery industry.

However, there is a view that future mining machinery sales will rely more on the stock market. It is generally believed that the mining machinery service life of about 8 years, so 2009 industry peak sales of mining machinery into the new cycle, a large-scale old machine for new markets will bring new opportunities for the development of the industry