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Excavating Machinery How To Transport Safely

AKW GROUP | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

When transporting excavators, comply with all relevant laws and regulations. And be careful to ensure safety

1. loading and unloading work

Excavator installed. Unloading is dangerous work, it should be particularly careful in the loading and unloading excavator, so that low-speed generator and slow walking

Ensure that the ramp has sufficient width, length and thickness, so that the excavator safely drove off. If the ramp is obviously bent, with a pad, etc. to strengthen

In the excavator loading and unloading vehicles, the trailer parked on a flat and solid road, and the excavator and the shoulder to maintain a reasonable distance

Remove the soil from the lower deck to prevent the excavator from slipping on the slope

Be sure to keep the ramp surface clean, free of grease, oil, ice and loose material

It is forbidden to change the direction of the excavator on the ramp. To change direction, drive down the ramp and correct the direction, then on the ramp

When the excavator turns on the trailer, the excavator's landing position is not stable, so the action should be carried out slowly

Regardless of whether the cab door is closed or open, always check whether the lock is locked

Do not open the cab door on the platform or on the ramp, which may cause the steering force to change suddenly

When loading and unloading vehicles, the ramp or platform is generally used and operated as follows

Correctly brake the trailer and get the pad under the tires to ensure that the trailer does not move and then fix the ramps between the trailer and the excavator center to ensure that both sides of the ramp are on the same plane, The maximum distance of not more than 15 °, the distance between the slope and the tire center distance to match

So that the excavator and the ramp alignment, try to reduce the work device without causing him to hit the trailer, and then slowly driving, drove or drove the excavator, on the slope, in addition to walking joystick, do not manipulate any other joystick. Keep the excavator in the top position on the trailer

2. Safety measures for loading

After the excavator is installed in the designated position, the excavator should be fixed as follows

Fall down the shovel

Bucket and stick cylinder all out, slowly lower arm

Turn off the engine and send the key from the start switch

When transporting excavators. In the front and rear tires placed under the side of the block, to prevent the excavator to move, but also with a rope or chain tied to the excavator, with particular attention to ensure that the excavator does not slip. Place the square beneath one end of the bucket cylinder to prevent him from touching the body, which also prevents its possible damage

So that the safety multi-locking device is in a locked state

Lock the cab, battery cover and generator cover

Put away the rearview mirror to prevent damage

3. Hoisting excavator method

If someone on the excavator is concerned, the excavator can not be lifted to ensure that the rope used for the hook excavator has sufficient strength to withstand the weight of the excavator. Only when the excavator can be adjusted to the following position after the upgrade, otherwise the body may lose the risk of balance, do not raise the excavator, so that the upper part of the rotation rotation, to enhance the excavator, pay attention to the excavator The center of gravity must be balanced

When lifting the excavator, follow the procedure below to operate on a flat floor

Start the engine, then rotate the upper swivel so that the working device is to the ground

Put the rope in the front and rear axles of the excavator

Raise the angle of the rope to 30-40 ° and slowly lift the excavator

After the excavator leaves the ground, the first stop, so that the excavator stopped after the slow lift

Stop the engine, check the cab around, there should be no objects. Then leave the excavator, close the cab door and the front glass