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Excavating Machinery Keep It Clean

AKW GROUP | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

When the excavator is stopped, it is necessary to carefully check whether the screws, bearing screws and other gears are loose, the gears are engaged and lubricated, and the bearing, Excavating Machinery power unit, control system, brake, gear box, track shoe, Cable, wire rope, Excavating Machinery bucket teeth and other parts of the abnormal wear and damage;

During operation, pay attention to the operation of the motor, mechanical transmission and braking systems, Excavating Machinery control systems, cooling fans, lighting and signal and other abnormalities in the inspection of various problems to be timely detection and timely processing;

Excavator parts of the machinery and electrical parts should always keep clean, Excavating Machinery to prevent dust and foreign matter into the internal;

Regular cleaning and wiping, not only for the early detection of various parts of the fault is good, but also to improve the operating conditions of the driver to extend the service life of the machine;

Good lubrication can reduce the mechanical wear and failure during operation. Excavating Machinery The lubrication work must be carried out in strict accordance with the time limit, Excavating Machinery oil quantity and lubricating oil type specified in the excavator manual.

Oil should pay attention to keep the lubricating oil cleaning, to prevent dust and impurities mixed;

Always check the lubrication system to ensure smooth flow of oil;

For the newly installed excavator, before the trial must be filled with oil, and in the first week of work to do classes to check the lubrication situation; long-term outage excavator, before use must be done to the old dry All the oil squeezed out.

Excavator, also known as excavating machinery, Excavating Machinery is the most important thing in the construction of excavators that excavate materials that are higher or lower than the bearing surface and are loaded into transport vehicles or unloaded to the stacking yard. Excavating Machinery One of the construction machinery. In use, reasonable maintenance is to extend the useful life of the machine means.

First look around the mechanical turn two times to check the appearance and mechanical chassis whether the same, and whether the rotation support oil outflow, and then check the deceleration brake and the track of the bolt fasteners, the tightening of the tightening, the change for the timely replacement, Excavating Machinery if it is Wheeled excavators need to check whether the tire is the same, and the stability of air pressure.

It is understood that the wear of the bucket teeth will greatly increase the resistance in the construction process, Excavating Machinery will seriously affect the efficiency and increase the wear and tear of the parts and components of the equipment.