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Excavating Machinery Market Demand

AKW GROUP | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

From January to April of 2017, the continued steady growth in infrastructure and real estate investment contributed to the growth of the mining machinery market. Excavating Machinery In May 2017, China's mining machinery market continued to grow.

According to the excavation machinery association statistics show that from January to April this year, mining machinery work hours far more than the same period last year, Excavating Machinery the number of hours in April rose more than 10%. The increase in working hours represents the growth of downstream demand. When the number of working hours exceeds the break-even point, will bring significant market demand.

In general, the second year of each five-year plan is the start of a large number of projects, 2017 is the "thirteen five plan" project focused on the start of the year, Excavating Machinery a substantial increase in demand for construction. But the next few years the new project starts may decline. With the deepening of real estate regulation and control policies, the future of real estate investment may also fall, Excavating Machinery which to the excavation machinery market development uncertainty, the industry to the future market trend still need to maintain rational.

According to the China Construction Machinery Industry Association Mining Machinery Branch statistics, 20 to 17 January into the club statistics of the 26 host manufacturing enterprises were selling all kinds of excavation machinery products 66,136 units (including exports, Excavating Machinery if not specified in the same) Rose 100.5% over the same period last year. (Note: Since January 2017, Shanghai Pengpu Machine Factory is no longer the data declaration, is now included in the Chinese mining machinery industry statistics a total of 26 enterprises.

Which in May 2017 sales of 11,273 units, Excavating Machinery up 105.7% year on year, affected by the seasonal impact of sales fell 21.7% last month. From January to May 2010, the average tonnage of excavated machinery was 15.0 tons, an increase of 6.9% (before the value of 14.0 tons).

By the market demand growth and low base in 2016 and other factors combined effect, 2017 January to May China's mining machinery market sales year on year increase close to the highest value. According to the law of historical sales, mining machinery sales concentrated in the first half, Excavating Machinery January-May sales accounted for about 50% to 60% of annual sales, is expected to 2017 total sales in 10 to 12 million units.

2015 - 2017 China's mining machinery market sales and year-on-year changes in Figure 1. From the sales situation, China's mining machinery market since the second half of 2016 began rapid growth in September to December for four consecutive months rose more than 70%, 2017 January-May industry growth is more strong, Excavating Machinery sales doubled year on year. But with the second half of the sales base increased, Excavating Machinery is expected to decline in the second half will be a substantial decline in some months may even be negative growth.

Specifically, the 2017 1-5 domestic market (if not specified, the domestic market refers to the mainland region, excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) sales of 62596 units, up 108.5%; export market sales of 3518 units, Excavating Machinery up 20.4% Hong Kong and Macao sales of 22 units, an increase of -54.2%. The domestic market sales growth at the same time the export market also maintained growth.