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Excavating Machinery The Best Effect Of The Best

AKW GROUP | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

With the growing machinery industry, more and more players have more than one machine, including excavators, loaders and so on. In this case, Excavating Machinery it is inevitable that the excavation opportunities will be long idle. And some digging machine master may be busy to ignore a very important thing is the idle excavator, also need to conservation. Xiaobian today to teach you to teach, how to protect the idle excavator the best effect of the most trouble.

Before the excavator is used, Excavating Machinery it will inject the cooling water into the engine, which is a very important part of the engine start, but if the excavator is idle for a long time, the cooling water inside the engine will make the engine in a humid environment, And rusty. So the excavator for a long time idle, you need to let go of the engine cooling water.

Engine oil in the mailbox for a period of time after use, will be weak alkaline, easy to corrupt the engine parts. While the new engine oil is neutral and does not corrode the metal parts of the engine.

Diesel fuel tank to fill the diesel fuel,Excavating Machinery so you can avoid the oxidation of metal parts and corrosion, if conditions permit, you can add a small amount of preservatives.

Excavator idle time should be started at least once a month, so that mechanical short-distance operation, so that the establishment of new parts between the oil film, to avoid the parts of the excavator rust. At the same time must be noted that before the start of the injection of cooling water, continue to park after the excavator need to let go.

The battery must be removed to find another place to find dark and dry place to ensure that the battery outside the clean and dry, Excavating Machinery can not use heavy pressure battery, but can not be placed on the battery conductive items. It should be noted that, remove the battery, you need to cut off the negative, Excavating Machinery and then cut off the positive, when the battery is the opposite, Excavating Machinery first installed on the positive, and then installed on the negative. Remove the installation in the correct order to avoid battery short circuit.

Lead-acid battery than the average battery addition of a step, Excavating Machinery need a month charge once, to avoid aging the internal system.

Before the idle, to the body off the anti-rust paint with paint or paint the whole machine to repair the method, the specific method of repair depending on the size of the patent leather shedding area.

For the excavator parts, the butter is like human vitamins as essential, Excavating Machinery especially the excavator bucket, the exposed parts must be coated with butter for rust.

Idle excavators also need regular maintenance, only in all aspects of the excavator gave a comprehensive maintenance, in order to allow future work in the excavator to play the greatest power.