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Excavating Machinery Universal Application

AKW GROUP | Updated: May 18, 2017

1, Excavating Machinery in the construction industry, technology is not widely used, most enterprises are still in low technology, low efficiency, labor-intensive era.

2, technological innovation can make the construction industry more green, more intelligent.

China Construction Machinery Industry Association Mining Machinery Branch Survey data show that as of the end of 2015, investment planning in China production of mining machinery enterprises, from 2010 before the number of more than more than 60% to the current 50. Excavating Machinery The scale of the production of about 30 enterprises, planning capacity of about 400,000 units, about 200 agents. Incorporated into the statistics of 29 host production enterprises (since 2015, Xuzhou Xugong Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. joined China Mining industry statistics) total sales of about more than 500 kinds of different models and specifications of the mining machinery products, single machine weight range of 1~537 tons.

According to the Mining Machinery Branch statistics, as of December 2015, the industry in 10 to retain the amount of 1.317 million units, 8-year retention of 1.169 million units, 6 years of the volume of 940,000 units.

The calculation method is: Excavating Machinery In calculating the amount of the market, including the beginning of the year of some products, the elimination of depreciation, the value of the first year in general to fixed the sales of about 50%%.

The amount of market ownership refers to the number of products that can be used normally in a certain period of time. In short, the market is already in the number of such products. China's mining machinery market Holdings, refers to the use of the number of mining machinery in China.

Judging from the market pattern, Excavating Machinery the Japanese brand occupies the dominant position in the market before 2010, market share in the 34%~37% interval of small shocks; the brand share of Europe and the United States is shrinking, the Korean brand continues to decline in 5 years, the decline of nearly 10%; domestic brands grew by year, and the Korean brand is basically "he disappear this rise" relationship, the market share increased 10%. After 2010, the Japanese and Korean brand share continued to shrink; the brand share of Europe and the United States grew slightly; domestic brands increased substantially, less than 20%, 2006 years ago, Excavating Machinery and 2015 years accounted for half of the market share of 50.7%%.

The current downward trend of mining machinery industry in China is temporary, and the potential for development is still very large. Judging from the market volume, the market volume trend of 10 is leveling, 8 and 6 years of market retention trends have crossed the top of the downward U-turn, therefore, Excavating Machinery we pessimistic estimate to 2018 (from 2010 8 years, from 2012 6 years), the peak sales of excavation machinery products will gradually enter the replacement phase; optimistic estimate to 2016, perhaps will see the whole construction machinery market a fundamental transition.

From the real estate market to warmer, the trend of government infrastructure expenditure, the trend of public finances and even the export activities to infer that the economy may have begun to build near the location of our current situation, the first half of 2016 relative to the present should gradually improve, China's construction machinery industry will also face some rare development opportunities.

China's urbanization development, urban infrastructure construction, eco-civilization green development, Yangtze River Economic Belt strategy, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integrated collaborative development Strategy, "along the road" strategic vision, and so on, into the "Thirteen-Five" will gradually enter the implementation phase, gradually benefiting from the mining machinery industry. "Sponge City" construction to the integrated corridor construction equipment and other industries to bring rapid expansion opportunities, Excavating Machinery small equipment, special equipment, work equipment and other fields also contain infinite potential, waiting for further excavation. Therefore, mining machinery industry will be out of the trough, into a new good development cycle.

According to the predictive model of mining Machinery Branch, comprehensive current economic situation and market research visits, forecast 2017, the market warmer, the annual sales of mining machinery products 65,000 units, a year-on-year rise 8.3%; forecast 2018 sales 70,000 units, up 7.7%; 2019 sales 80,000 units, up 14.3%, 2020 sales 90,000, year-up 12.5%.