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Hydraulic Paver Construction Equipment

AKW GROUP | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

  Hydraulic spreader is a kind of construction equipment which is mainly used for the spreading of all kinds of materials on the base and surface of expressway.It is composed of various systems to complete the laying work, mainly including walking system, hydraulic system, feeding system and so on

(I) gravel:

The stone paving machine is one of the pavement construction machinery.The construction machinery that can spread the gravel evenly over the roadbed.Mainly consists of hopper, supporting roller, skid, v-shaped scraper, wide side plate and running wheel.

(2) bituminous concrete:

The asphalt mixture shall be spread evenly on the base of the road, and the machine shall be preliminarily vibrated and leveled.Split caterpillar and wheel - type two kinds.It consists of traction, spreading and vibration and ironing.The former includes frame, power plant, walking device, hopper, door, scraper conveyor, spiral spreader and cab.The latter comprises a traction arm, a vibrator, and an ironing device (consisting of a plate, a thickness regulator, an arch regulator, and a heating device).

A, paver operation personnel must receive professional training, understand the mechanical properties, structure, maintenance knowledge, skilled grasp of the machine performance and operating essentials and security matters, and confirmed by the relevant departments qualified, can separate operation.

Two, must check before starting engine: oil (oil, oil, oil, oil, lubricants) quantity is sufficient, the fan belt loosens, whether there is leakage of oil and parts loose phenomenon.Check the accessories, accessories and tools needed for the day's work.

3. After starting the engine, the idle running at least two minutes shall check whether the monitoring system is normal.

4. The loading material must be directed by someone to accurately discharge the material into the hopper.

5. Make contact with the left and right to make sure the other personnel are not in the operation before work.

6. When the gear shift is to be shifted to the driving gear, it must be on the small throttle, and the working parts will stop working when the machine is completely stationary.

The operation personnel strictly prohibit the operation of alcohol, the operation equipment must be dressed in order, no slippers, no smoking, food and other other harmful safe operation behaviors.

8. After work, all the protective devices must be installed in the designated position.

9. The operation room (table) must be kept clean, clean up oil pollution and other wastes in time, and do not use the tools and other items.

10. Before the driver leaves the platform, the operator must be placed in the "0" position.

11. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to and observe the situation in the vicinity of the hydraulic automatic widening spreader, so as to avoid injuring and damaging the equipment.

12. When the stall is heated with a liquefied gas tank, the tank valve must be closed if the fire or fire is extinguished.When the ambient temperature is higher than 200C or the sun can be used to heat the tank, the gas tank must be covered.

13. After the booth is over, the cleaning material will be transported, the compacted device, the ironing plate must be placed on the wooden pad, the machine should not obstruct the traffic, and the warning card should be placed.The engine idling will run for five minutes before flameout, then cut off the power and lock the dashboard.

The maintenance of equipment must be carried out in accordance with the requirements in the instructions.

15. When equipment maintenance is maintained, it must:

(1) the hopper and plate shall be fixed firmly.

The engine flameout.

(3) when maintenance of hydraulic system, the pressure of hydraulic system must be released.