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Hydraulic Paver Installation Method

AKW GROUP | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

1), Hydraulic Paver the first movement speed may be because the oil return tube without oil, no back pressure, and then exercise, the return pipe may be back pressure, Hydraulic Paver look at what you have the back pressure factors, such as throttle use Of the diameter is correct, the throttle valve is regulated flow is too small, check valve spool is blocked.

2), the piston on the ring is damaged or the wrong way to install, Hydraulic Paver so that the hydraulic cylinder to produce a serious internal vent.

3) the hydraulic cylinder is too large, the selected valve and pipe diameter is too small to meet the flow requirements?

4), you clean up the oil filter or oil return filter? May be back to the oil filter blocked.

 5), whether the system pressure measurement, Hydraulic Paver whether the system pressure is not up to the requirements, you can re-set the relief valve.

If it is caused by the flow and pressure of the pump. Hydraulic Paver It is best to re-selection, because the general quantitative pump flow and speed requirements of the factory has been clear, after the impact of changes in the life of the pump. And if the pump pressure and flow has changed, Hydraulic Paver the entire system components are affected, can bear, have to consider.

Hydraulic system failure is often the result of multi-faceted factors, so the analysis of the fault must be clear before the principle of the hydraulic system, characteristics, and then according to the fault phenomenon to judge. There are some tips on finding the cause of the fault on the site. Hydraulic Paver The most common method is to reverse the components, remove the load, etc., if the reverse component failure also reversed, it is proved that the component is a problem; if removed Load, failure disappeared, the problem is also understood.

In short, there is a purpose, Hydraulic Paver there is a direction to gradually narrow the scope of the fault to determine the fault area, location or a hydraulic component is necessary, avoid chaos, chaos. To avoid the blindness of the analysis, because the hydraulic flow within the pipeline flow conditions, parts of the hydraulic parts of the action, seal damage, etc., is intangible, Hydraulic Paver invisible. Statistics show that more than 70% of the hydraulic system failure directly or indirectly from the maintenance of improper or hydraulic oil pollution. Therefore, Hydraulic Paver it is important to maintain the cleanliness and good maintenance of the hydraulic oil.

Common causes of hydraulic system failure and simple troubleshooting methods:

Fault 1: oil leakage, oil leakage

(3) the seal is damaged or not installed, (4) the connector is not tightened or loosened, (5) the hydraulic connector has bumps and scars. (1) The hose or steel pipe is broken, 

2, the exclusion method: (1) replacement of new pieces, (2) grinding repair, (3) update fastening.