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Hydraulic Paver Requires Higher

AKW GROUP | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Clean the cooler. In order to ensure the normal cooling of the hydraulic oil, the oil cooler should be cleaned after 250 hours of operation, the first use of a solvent to dissolve the dirt, Hydraulic Paver and then use the hose rinse with water or flush with steam, flushing direction should be the opposite direction with the airflow, That is, from the exhaust side of the cooler;

Before designing the valve block, Hydraulic Paver first determine which part of the oil line can be integrated. The number of components included in each block should be moderate components too many valve block volume, design, processing difficulties; too few components, integration is not significant, Hydraulic Paver resulting in material waste. Taking the hydraulic system of the billet continuous casting machine as the first steelmaking plant of Jinan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., the hydraulic system adopts the control system of the cartridge control system, and the operation precision is higher, Hydraulic Paver and the reliability of the system is put forward. Billet shears hydraulic.

Hydraulic valve block design, the oil circuit should be as simple as possible, to minimize the deep hole, oblique hole and process hole. The hole in the valve block to match the flow, Hydraulic Paver in particular, should pay attention to the hole through the hole must ensure that there is sufficient flow area, pay attention to the direction and location of the inlet and outlet, the system should be the overall layout and pipe connection to match, and consider The operation of the installation process, Hydraulic Paver there are vertical or horizontal installation requirements of the components, must ensure that after installation to meet the requirements.

Paver hydraulic pump repair, the hydraulic system of the paver hydraulic system will reduce the viscosity of the oil, the amount of leakage increased, the lubrication of the oil film damage, Hydraulic Paver so that the wear and tear increased; the same time, high temperature will make rubber and other materials Into the gasket premature aging and damage. Therefore, it is important to control the appropriate oil temperature. When the oil temperature is too high, Hydraulic Paver you must stop checking, check the steps can be divided into the following points:

First: to see whether the tank surface is too low, experience shows that the oil temperature is often due to lack of oil due to fuel tanks, so the lack of oil should be added in time.

Second: check the hydraulic oil filter and bribe whether to block the paver

Third: the radiator is normal, such as the adhesion of a large number of dust, can lead to poor heat, so that the oil temperature. As the paver work environment more dust, Hydraulic Paver so the radiator should be cleaned up in time

Fourth: the quality of hydraulic oil is qualified, if the oil quality to join the failure, will cause the system oil temperature is too high.

For the paver this heavy construction machinery, the hydraulic system is an indispensable part, is also an irreplaceable part. When the hydraulic pump problems, it is necessary to timely maintenance of the paver hydraulic pump, Hydraulic Paver do not think will be used, Hydraulic Paver this will only make the problem more serious and eventually lead to hydraulic pump scrapped or hydraulic system paralysis.