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Hydraulic Paver Subjective Factor

AKW GROUP | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

With the extensive application of hydraulic technology since the 1930s and the emergence of fault diagnosis technology in the 1960s, the application of fault diagnosis technology in the hydraulic system of asphalt concrete paver has been developed rapidly. Technically, Hydraulic Paver the development of this period has gone through three stages: simple diagnosis technology, fault tester technology, computer fault diagnosis technology. Simple diagnosis technology, also known as subjective diagnosis method, it is based on the fault diagnosis staff to see, listen, touch, smell, ask and other subjective factors on the basis of a strong hydraulic system fault diagnosis. Hydraulic Paver This method can only qualitatively determine the asphalt concrete paver hydraulic system somewhere fault situation, the accuracy is poor. The latter two diagnostic techniques are based on the development of electronic technology and computer technology, also known as the objective diagnosis method, can more accurately and quantitatively monitor the operating state of the system to determine the fault situation. However, the use of fault tester on the asphalt concrete paver hydraulic system to diagnose, must be connected to the test site in advance, the diagnosis is more complicated.

Check the oil filter vacuum gauge, the pressure at 25kPa when the oil filter; in the pressure circuit on the pressure measurement, such as the pressure is small, Hydraulic Paver check the replacement relief valve. Pump does not drain, replace the pump or pipe; pressure fluctuations, remove the suction pipe intake phenomenon.

When the equipment is running to the middle stage, Hydraulic Paver the various components of the hydraulic components are normal wear and tear due to the difference between the working frequency and the load conditions. At this stage, the fault is characterized by the gradual increase of the failure rate and the increase of the internal and external leakage , The system efficiency is significantly reduced.Hydraulic Paver At this point, the hydraulic system and hydraulic components should be fully checked, with serious defects in the components and the actual components of the repair or replacement. Hydraulic Paver This means that the equipment to enter the repair or overhaul.

1, check the fuel tank: oil shortage will cause suction, resulting in cavitation.

2, the system stranded in the air: the bubble will cause suction.

3, check the pump inlet vacuum: the inlet vacuum will increase the high noise. Insulation of the oil filter will increase the inlet vacuum.

4, check the coupling: coupling loose will increase the noise.