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Hydraulic Paver The Reason Is More Obvious

AKW GROUP | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

When the equipment is running to the middle stage, Hydraulic Paver the various components of the hydraulic components are normal wear and tear due to the difference between the working frequency and the load conditions. At this stage, the fault is characterized by the gradual increase of the failure rate and the increase of the internal and external leakage , The system efficiency is significantly reduced. Hydraulic Paver At this point, the hydraulic system and hydraulic components should be fully checked, with serious defects in the components and the actual components of the repair or replacement. This means that the equipment to enter the repair or overhaul.

This type of fault feature is accidental mutation, Hydraulic Paver the fault area and the cause is more obvious, including non-human and human factors, such as accident collision, parts were damaged; internal spring break; pipe burst; foreign body into the pipeline system blockage; Electromagnetic coil burned; Hydraulic Paver seal broken; improperly installed components; and due to the use of the work environment on the adverse effects of components caused by failure and so on.

Hydraulic system failure in the paver mainly concentrated for the accidental failure, and equipment, medium-term failure, which accidental occupations occupy the majority.

The hydraulic system of the paver includes walking, scraping, stirring, and compaction, leveling, lifting, hopper and so on. The following parts are analyzed separately.

Walking system:

Walking system is currently generally used dual pump motor, closed loop, closed control.

Clean the cooler. In order to ensure the normal cooling of the hydraulic oil, the oil cooler should be cleaned after 250 hours of operation, the first use of a solvent to dissolve the dirt, and then use the hose rinse with water or flush with steam, flushing direction should be the opposite direction with the airflow, Hydraulic Paver That is, from the exhaust side of the cooler;

Hydraulic oil before adding hydraulic tank, should be used to clean the container oil, hydraulic oil to be filtered through the oil filter and then add the hydraulic tank; hydraulic oil replacement cycle depending on the quality of the oil used (usually 1000h replacement time); Hydraulic Paver replacement Hydraulic oil should be carried out at the operating temperature; in order to ensure good cooling of the hydraulic system, but also regularly clean the hydraulic oil radiator.

As the asphalt paver construction environment is generally harsh, hydraulic oil filter replacement cycle should be shortened (generally 750h is appropriate), replace the new filter should be checked, Hydraulic Paver is strictly prohibited the use of deformation, pollution or rust filter.

In the daily start of the engine work, should first idle operation for some time, and then manipulate the implementation of the implementation of components, which is conducive to the use of hydraulic pumps.

As a result of long-term use of the paver, Hydraulic Paver the hydraulic system parameters will sometimes change, therefore, should regularly check the hydraulic system parameter settings, in time to be adjusted.