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Hydraulic Paver Whether To Adjust

AKW GROUP | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

1), Hydraulic Paver the first movement speed may be because of oil-free back tubing, no back pressure, after the movement, back to the tubing may be back pressure, to see what you have back pressure factors, such as throttle valve use is correct, throttle valve whether the flow is too small, Hydraulic Paver one-way valve spool Plug and so on.

2. Whether the seal ring on the piston is damaged or not installed, so that the hydraulic cylinder will have a serious internal leakage.

3 The hydraulic cylinder is too large, Hydraulic Paver the selected valve and pipe size is too small, can not meet the flow requirements?

4), do you clean the oil-absorbing filter or return oil filter? Maybe it's a back-oil filter.

5, whether the system pressure measurement, Hydraulic Paver whether because the system pressure is not up to the requirements, you can adjust the overflow valve.

4. If the pump flow and pressure caused. The best selection, because the general quantitative pump flow and speed requirements of the factory has been clear, Hydraulic Paver change after the pump life has an impact. And if the pressure and flow of the pump change, the whole system of components have influence, can withstand, still have to consider.

1. Check the scraper feeding system and screw feeding system

Should run smoothly, feeding evenly. Scraper, Hydraulic Paver scraper pins, chain plates and fixed pins are not loose or short. The opening of the left and right gates should be equal. Spiral piece should be installed firmly, no rupture, otherwise, should be adjusted, fastened or repaired separately

2. Check Hopper

should be able to smooth opening and closing, no blocking phenomenon

3. Check the ironing board

should be able to smooth take-off and landing, no blocking phenomenon. The vibration device works as normal.

4. Check the automatic leveling device

The installation is correct, reliable, Hydraulic Paver the wiring is firm. If the line and other components have aging, adhesion asphalt, water or poor contact conditions, should be promptly excluded

5. Check the working condition of vibrating ramming hammer

The action of tamping Hammer is free, and no blocking phenomenon

6. Check the ironing plate heating system

Electric heating element Wire connection firm