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Mechanical Hydraulic Paver Applications Are Very Common

AKW GROUP | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

Engineering construction machinery in the application of hydraulic system is very common, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment on the system must analyze the fault analysis method and can find the reasons for troubleshooting.

The failure rate of the system debugging stage is high, and the existing problems are complicated, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver which are characterized by intertwined with the quality problems such as design, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver manufacture, installation and management. Machinery, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver electrical problems, except for the general hydraulic system common faults are:

1, joint or end cover outside the serious leakage;

2, due to stolen goods or oil to the spool stuck or activities are not flexible, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver resulting in the implementation of component failure;

3, the damping hole is blocked or missing, resulting in instability or pressure system does not move up;

4, some valve components missing spring or seal, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver and even the wrong way to make the action chaos;

5, some variables Pump variable control wiring wrong.

A system running early and mid-range failure:

1, joint vibration loose;

2, due to a small number of poor quality or bad assembly, in the short term was damaged, resulting in oil spills;

3, some components due to improper assembly in use caused damage.

Two equipment to run to the middle of the failure:

When the equipment is running to the mid-stage, the various components of the hydraulic components are normal wear and tear due to the difference between the working frequency and the load conditions. At this stage, the failure rate is gradually increased and the leakage inside and outside the system increases , Mechanical Hydraulic Paver The system efficiency is significantly reduced. At this point, the hydraulic system and hydraulic components should be fully checked, with serious defects in the components and the actual components of the repair or replacement. Mechanical Hydraulic Paver This means that the equipment to enter the repair or overhaul.

This type of fault feature is accidental mutation, the fault area and the cause is more obvious, including non-human and human factors, such as accident collision, parts were damaged; internal spring break; Mechanical Hydraulic Paver pipe burst; foreign body into the pipeline system blockage; Electromagnetic coil burned; seal broken; improperly installed components; and due to the use of the work environment on the adverse effects of components caused by failure and so on.

Hydraulic system failure in the paver mainly concentrated for the accidental failure, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver and equipment failure, which accidental occupations occupy the majority.

The failure analysis of the hydraulic system of the paver is a complex problem with the combined effects of various factors. Therefore, before the analysis of hydraulic failure must be clear before the hydraulic system of the transmission principle, structural characteristics, and then according to the phenomenon of failure to judge, gradually in-depth, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver purposeful, direction to gradually narrow the scope of suspicious, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver determine the area, parts, so that a hydraulic Component. Mechanical Hydraulic Paver Try to avoid the blindness of the analysis. In addition, the choice of hydraulic oil is also affecting the paver hydraulic system can work on the other hand, should be in strict accordance with the technical requirements of oil.