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Mechanical Hydraulic Paver Normal Cooling

AKW GROUP | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

The paver is a hydraulic system failure, and if it fails, it is not a trivial matter, and the paver hydraulic system failure is often the result of a multifaceted factor, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver so it must be clear before analyzing the fault Hydraulic system principle, characteristics, and then based on the phenomenon of failure to judge.

There are some tips on finding the cause of the fault on the site. The most common method is to reverse the components, remove the load, etc., if the reverse component failure also reversed, it is proved that the component is a problem; if removed Load, failure disappeared, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver the problem is also understood. In short, there is a purpose, there is a direction to gradually narrow the scope of the fault to determine the fault area, location or a hydraulic component is necessary, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver avoid chaos, chaos. To avoid the blindness of the analysis, because the hydraulic flow within the pipeline, the hydraulic parts of the internal parts of the action, such as damage to the seal, is intangible, invisible. Statistics show that more than 70% of the hydraulic system failure directly or indirectly from the maintenance of improper or hydraulic oil pollution. Therefore, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver it is important to maintain the cleanliness and good maintenance of hydraulic fluids.

Clean the cooler. In order to ensure the normal cooling of the hydraulic oil, the oil cooler should be cleaned after 250 hours of operation, the first use of a solvent to dissolve the dirt, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver and then use the hose rinse with water or flush with steam, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver flushing direction should be the opposite direction with the airflow, That is, from the exhaust side of the cooler;

Construction machinery due to the use of harsh environment, poor working conditions, often failure. According to statistics, engineering machinery hydraulic system failure in more than 75% is caused by the hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil is used or contaminated, ranging from the use of hydraulic components and systems performance, reduce the life of hydraulic components; heavy lead to failure of hydraulic components, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver hydraulic system can not work properly. Therefore, the hydraulic system in the hydraulic oil once the pollution or over the use of the deadline, it must take decisive measures to immediately replace the new hydraulic oil.