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Mechanical Hydraulic Paver Should Be Replenished In Time

AKW GROUP | Updated: May 18, 2017

1. Check hydraulic oil tank oil level

If the oil quantity Mechanical Hydraulic Paver is insufficient, should be promptly replenished. Use L-HM68 to resist MA hydraulic oil. Note that different sizes of oil can not be blended

2. Check the hydraulic tubing and the joints of the leakage

1. Inspect scraper feeding system and screw feeding system

Should operate smoothly, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver feeding evenly. No loosening or shortage of scraper, scraper pins, chain sheets and fixed pins. The left and right gate open degrees should be equal. The spiral piece should be firmly installed, without rupture, otherwise, should be adjusted, fastened or repaired separately.

2. Check Hopper

should be able to smooth and open, no card blocking phenomena

3. Check the ironing board

should be able to smooth lifting, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver no card blocking phenomenon. The vibrating device works fine.

4. Check Automatic leveling device

The installation is correct, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver reliable and strong wiring. If the line and other components have aging, adhesive asphalt, water or contact is bad, should be promptly excluded

5. Check the working condition of vibrating tamping hammer

Tamping Hammer movement freely, without blocking phenomenon

6. Check the ironing board heating system

Electric heating element Wire connection firmly

Check whether the hydraulic pump rotates; if the oil tank is enough, the oil suction filter and the piping are clogged.

Check the vacuum gauge of oil suction filter, Mechanical Hydraulic Paver and the pressure to replace the oil filter at 25kPa; pressure on the way back, such as pressure is very small, check the replacement of overflow valve. The pump does not drain oil, replace the pump or pipeline;

Inspect the oil content in the tank, the contamination situation of the filter cartridge, pump and motor operation state.

Add refueling; Replace the filter cartridge; Mechanical Hydraulic Paver Check the operation of the overflow valve and replace it as appropriate; Replace the damaged parts of the pump and motor.

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