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Perfect Ending Of The Fourteenth “Lonking Cup” Sports Meeting

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

Held by Lonking Holdings Limited Company and its subsidiaries in Shanghai, the fourteen “Lonking Cup” sports meeting had a perfect ending on October 19th after its two months of incentive competition.

The sports meeting had four major categories which include basketball, tug-of-war, 4x100m relay and chess, which reflected the combination of minority and majority, athletics and solidarity, and also showed battle both on power and wisdom. 55 teams of 500 around athletes from logistic department of Lonking Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries in Shanghai took part in this event. They all performed very well in the competition, which showed a beautiful scene of culture in Lonking Shanghai Industrial Park.

The activity was held under the circumstances that Lonking was adapting to new situation and meeting new challenges, thus the sports meeting was full of Lonking features. 

Organization cooperation is the first feature. In order to ensure normal running of production and sales, the event was held by Lonking subsidiaries respectively. During the preparation, such as rule-making and site arrangement and laying-out, all the subsidiaries worked together closely and coordinated with each other highly, which contributed to the transformation and upgrading of Lonking and provided supports for all kinds of Lonking development index in order to lead the domestic competitors. 

The second feature is frugality. This sports meeting advocated high efficiency and frugality from the beginning to the end. Lonking enterprise style of diligence and efficiency have reflected everywhere in the filed arrangement, staff allocation and repeated use of equipment.

The third feature is wide influence. Throughout the sports meeting, employees with lasting enthusiasm actively participated in it, which also attracted a large number of family members in Lonking living areas to enjoy it and also created a strong atmosphere of large family culture. 

The sports meeting left us not only the trophies and honors, but also the spirit to shape Lonking mental outlook-- healthy, upward and hardworking, which will further enhance the building of big family enterprise culture, promote the popularization and development of fitness sports in Lonking, and also will further stimulate Lonking all staff to gather strength together to work in earnest to implement further development and make innovations.