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Road Motor Grader Instructions

AKW GROUP | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

1, Road Motor Grader the correct use of methods

(1) Before using the grinding machine, please carefully check the protective cover, auxiliary handle, must be intact without loosening.

(2) before the installation of grinding wheel before the attention of the phenomenon of moisture and the phenomenon of missing angle, and the installation must be solid without loosening, Road Motor Grader is strictly prohibited without special tools and other external tools to beat the wheel clamping nut.

(3) the use of the power outlet must be equipped with leakage switch device, Road Motor Grader and check the power cord for damage.

(4) grinding machine must be used before the boot test to see whether the smooth operation of the polished film to check the degree of wear on the carbon brush by the professional timely replacement, Road Motor Grader to confirm the correct before use.

(5) grinding machine in the direction of the grinding process is strictly prohibited against the surrounding staff and all flammable and explosive dangerous goods, Road Motor Grader so as to avoid unnecessary harm. Keep the workplace clean and tidy. Correct use, to ensure personal and property safety.

(6) the use of grinding machine to remember not to force too much, to slowly even force, so as to avoid the phenomenon of grinding pieces of crushing V belt, Road Motor Grader such as the phenomenon of sanding pieces jamming, should immediately lift the grinding machine to avoid burning Machine or broken pieces due to grinding, resulting in insecurity.

2, use instructions

Grinding machine in our practical work in a wide range of uses, it has a small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, easy to carry out the installation, safe and reliable operation, widely used in major, medium and small enterprises in the field of manufacturing. Many of the large, Road Motor Grader medium and small parts of the project in the processing process and the final surface treatment of parts are all play an extremely important role. Such as the specifications of the various types of sheet cut open square hole, cut the gap and the rack, the edge, shaft and other welding after the welding of the weld, the metal, wood, concrete, stone and many other aspects of cutting and Parts of the surface rough grinding and fine polishing and so on. To improve work efficiency, Road Motor Grader shorten the production cycle, in time will be an effective protection. The flat shovel consists of a straight blade and an arc-shaped shovel. In order to meet the requirements of different soil types and different terrain conditions, the cutting angle (the angle between the blade surface and the ground plane), the horizontal rotation angle and the vertical rotation angle can be adjusted by the hydraulic device. The adjustment range: the cutting angle of 30 ° ~ 65 °; Road Motor Grader horizontal rotation angle can be clockwise, counterclockwise rotation of each 40 ° ~ 60 °; re-straight turn angle can be clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of 25 °. Simple structure of the hanging graders,Road Motor Grader  generally only adjust the angle and the level of rotation angle. Road Motor Grader The adjustment of the horizontal rotation angle is often done by positioning the pins in different positions so that the ground shovels are connected to the rack at different angles and can only be manually adjusted in the state where the work is stopped. The lifting and cutting depth of the ground shovel is regulated by the turbine scroll mechanism or hydraulic mechanism. With the 20 to 40 kilowatts tractor supporting the maximum level of the gravel of 5 to 8 cm; with 37 ~ 55 kilowatts tractor supporting tractor gravel of the maximum depth of 15 to 20 cm.