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Road Roller Classification

AKW GROUP | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

Roller in engineering machinery, belongs to the category of road equipment, widely used in highway, railway, airport runway, DAMS, large engineering projects such as the stadium fill compaction work, can crush sand, half viscosity and cohesive soil, the stabilized soil subgrade and asphalt concrete pavement layer. The roller is used for the gravity of the machine itself, which is suitable for all kinds of compaction, so that the compacted layer produces permanent deformation and compaction. The roller is divided into two types: steel wheel type and wheel - type.

Classification: the wheel structure has the light grinding, groove and the foot run. The application of light milling is the most common, mainly used for surface layer compaction. Using mechanical or hydraulic transmission, it can concentrate the pressure of the bulge, the compaction is high, and it is suitable for the compaction of asphalt pavement.

According to the wheel shaft, there are single - shaft single - wheel, double - axle, double - shaft, three - wheel and three - wheel. With internal combustion engine as power, adopt mechanical transmission or hydraulic transmission. General front wheel steering, good maneuverability, rear wheel drive. The hinged steering structure and all-wheel drive are suitable for improving steering and rolling performance. Front wheel frame and frame hinged to reduce the normal airframe swing. Rear wheel and rack are rigid join. Adopt hydraulic control, hydraulic cylinder control steering. The front and rear wheels are fitted with a scraping plate to remove the adhesive on the wheel. Also equipped with sprinkler system, used for compacting asphalt pavement, water for grinding wheel to prevent asphalt mixture adhesion. In order to increase the force, it can also add iron, sand and water to the grinding wheel.

The main technical parameters of steel wheel roller are machine weight and line pressure. 80 s heavy range is about all kinds of steel wheel roller machine: two roller 2 ~ 13 tons, three rounds of roller 1 ~ 15 tons, according to the need can be pressurized heavy 1 ~ 3 tons, three axis three roller 13 ~ 14 tons, after the pressure is heavy to 18 ~ 19 tons.

The wheel adopts pneumatic tire, usually has 3 ~ 5 front wheels, 4 ~ 6 rear wheels. If changing the inflating pressure can change the grounding pressure, the pressure adjustment range is 0.11 ~ 1.05 MB. The wheel - bearing roller adopts hydraulic, hydraulic or mechanical transmission system, single shaft or full shaft drive, and wide - base tire articulated frame structure. The compaction process has the kneading effect, so that the compaction layer particles are not destroyed and are embedded in a uniform compaction. Good maneuverability, fast speed (up to 25km/h), used for compaction of engineering pads such as roads and airports.

Towed vibratory roller can effectively compaction all kinds of soil and rock fill, suitable for the construction of modern highway, airport, embankment, seaport, dike, railway, mine and so on

The roller has a lot of bumps on the roller. Because the convex block is shaped like a sheep's foot, it is also called the foot roll. Convex block shape has sheep foot shape, cylindrical and square shape and so on. The drum shaft is supported on the traction frame bearing and expanded the use range. The cylinder can be filled with water, sand or iron to increase the crushing weight. A comb scraper is fitted underneath the rack around the drum to remove the mud-inlaid mud from the convex block.

The tractor is pulled by a tractor. The self-propelled sheepfoot mill is also known as a compaction roller. The pressure of the goat foot is large, which makes the packing uniform and compacted and compacted, especially for hard clay, which is suitable for the compacted clay soil and gravel layer. Especially for hard clay, the convex block has stirred, rubbed and compacted, it has a tamping effect, so that the packing is even, and the upper and lower layers are bonded to avoid stratification. It is widely used in the compaction of roadbed, bedding and dyke.

The self-propelled lamb rolls can also be used to install the vibration device in the roller, and make vibration compaction roller, and use the excitation force to increase the compaction effect. The roller can hold water, sand or iron sand to increase the crushing weight. Expand the scope of use. The main technical parameters of the sheepfoot grind are machine weight and unit pressure. Because the convex block is shaped like a sheep's foot, it is said to grind the sheep

1. The foundation compaction of highways, railways, DAMS, airports, buildings, factories and houses.

2. Compaction of cement plant waste, ash, coal, etc.

3. The soil with a wide water content is compacted.

4. Compaction of rock, clay and expansive soil.

5. Fire retardant compaction of open coal seam.