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Road Roller Clean And Dry

AKW GROUP | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Whether it is uphill or downhill, Road Roller the bottom of the asphalt mixture must be clean and dry, Road Roller and must be sprayed asphalt binder layer to avoid mixing in the rolling.

Whether it is uphill or downhill, Road Roller the roller drive wheel should be in the back. This has the following advantages: uphill, Road Roller the rear of the drive wheel can withstand the ramp and the machine itself to provide the driving force, while the front wheel on the road for the initial compaction to bear the drive wheel produced by the greater shear ; Downhill, Road Roller the impact of gravity generated by the roller is driven by the wheel to stop the brake, only after the front wheel after rolling the bearing to support the wheel after the ability to produce shear force.

Uphill rolling, the road starts, Road Roller stop and accelerate should be smooth, Road Roller to avoid the speed is too high or too low.

Uphill rolling before the mixture should be cooled to the required low temperature, Road Roller and then static preload, until the mixture temperature dropped to the lower limit (120 ℃), Road Roller the use of vibration compaction.

Downhill crushing should avoid sudden speed and braking.

In the case of very steep slope downhill rolling, you should first use the light roller preload, and then use heavy-duty roller or vibratory roller compacting.

When the vibratory roller is working by the repeated vibration of the vibrating steel wheel to increase the density of the road material, the parameters of the vibratory roller are one of the main factors that are closely related to the asphalt pavement compaction degree. In order to improve the quality of compaction, the influencing factors of asphalt pavement compaction need to be taken into account and attention. We have already known that the amplitude, Road Roller vibration frequency and rolling speed are the three main controlling factors when the vibratory roller is compacted. The amplitude has the greatest influence on the compaction quality, Road Roller followed by the rolling speed and the vibration frequency.

The amplitude represents the vibration intensity of the vibration wheel of the vibratory roller. Under normal circumstances, the increase in amplitude makes the press on the compaction of the material strength and depth of action will increase. But the amplitude is too large to cause the rolling of the pavement material is crushed, compaction of the soil-based materials can not carry too high, Road Roller too strong compaction of energy, Road Roller resulting in cracking and other phenomena, but will have been compacted loose material, Reduce the degree of compaction, and the amplitude is too large will inevitably lead to roller frame vibration is too large, Road Roller easy to cause the driver's fatigue and parts damage; when the amplitude is too small, Road Roller the compaction depth becomes smaller, the role of road roller is not enough, Compaction effect. Therefore, Road Roller in the road construction, in order to improve the compaction efficiency, Road Roller it is necessary to select an appropriate amplitude

Vibratory roller in the case of high-performance operations, than the low-level operations on the role of the road stronger, compaction better. In the case of high-speed operation, Road Roller the depth of the road and the energy acting on it are much larger than those of the low-speed operation. Therefore, in Fig. 3, Road Roller the high-speed operation will exhibit a significant pressure in the initial stage of compaction But with the increase in the number of compaction times will gradually increase the degree of compaction, Road Roller this difference will be smaller and smaller, Road Roller until the requirements.