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Young Man From Lonking And The World Record He Holds On Skid Steer Loader

AKW GROUP | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

As ancient saying goes, every trade has its master. Hui Wenyu, a 29 years old machine tester from Lonking, demonstrates the proverb vividly by himself. Three years ago, he drove Lonking skid steer loader and made 40 turns with only front wheels touchdown in one minute, successfully breaking the world record held by a German guy.

In 2015, Hui was awarded the “May 4th Youth Medal” of Songjiang, Shanghai. Nowdays, in the testing yard of Lonking base in Shanghai, Hui Wenyu can be usually found practicing his unique driving skills on weekends. Now he has improved his score to 45. What he expects is to break the record again held by himself with his partner.

When interviewed by local press, Hui Wenyu expressed that 3 years ago he saw a German operator created a world record with 25 turns in one minute and then curiously he started to try. At the beginning he suffered the vertigo caused by turning, gradually, after plenty of hardships and perspiration, he succeed on breaking world record. Hui told the journalist, his dream is to continue exceed himself and create better performance, to demonstrate the power of Chinese machines and the exquisite skills of Chinese machine testers.

Lonking skid steer loader, with excellent performance, will surely assist the representative of Lonking workers to have a greater performance in all tests. Let’s wait and see.