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Polymeric Ferric Sulfate

Polymeric Ferric Sulfate
Detailed description


1. It has an excellent ability of concreting, and depositing in high speeds of just 5-10 minutes or faster, depending on if there are any assisting equipments.
2. It has an excellent ability of purifying water, resulting in high water quality after the water
treatment is finished. PFS with 10 times excessiveness allows no transfer of Fe3+  assuring the
water will not turn yellow.
3. It can be stored for a long time after being dissolved and with no deposition, no changing of the
quality and without jamming the tube either.PFS can discolor, remove smell, dehydrate, remove oil, sterilize, remove heavy metal, radioelement

Index Name    GB 14591(II)    Product index
Full ferric content 1%    18.5    22
Basicity 1%    9.0-14.0    15-18
PH(% aqueous solution)    2.0-3.0    2.0-3.0
As %<=    0.00008    0.006
Pb %<=    0.0015    0.0012

Polymeric ferric sulfate(PFS) is widely used in wastewater treatment in various industries, such as
yeast and alchol industry, sugar industry, paper mill, textile mills, printingand dying factory, starch
factory, as well as domestic sewage and so on.
PFS is an  inorganic  macromolecule product  that is highly efficient and has a steady chemical
characteristic that  dissolves with water. In the process of water treatment, PFS  hydrolyzes a large
amount of masculine nucleus ions, counteracting the charges in the face of colloid grains and pulls
the colloid grains strongly, causing the colloid grains to become floccules and then deposits it, so
that the water becomes purified.

3, Quality control
Rigid quality control on inputs, process and outputs lead to high purity and consistent quality that permit standardization of its use in industry.
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