Rotary Tiller

Detailed description

1GQN series Rotary Tiller is adopted middle gear transmission system, mounted with the tractor of 20-150HP.The quality is reliable and the performance is well, so it can be used on dry and paddy field.

Swath of Plough (m)
Depth of Ploughing (mm)Glebe120-180
Paddy Field 140-200
Number of Blades263034385054586266
Overall Weight (kg)220230240250415430445460480
Linkage ModeThree-point hitch
Power (hp)18-2520-2525-3030-4050-5555-7560-8075-10080-120

         Rotary tiller of 1GQKGN type with strengthening framed box has the reliable quality and performs well.

Swath of Plough (m)
Depth of Ploughing (mm)Glebe120-180
Paddy Field140-200
Number of Blades5258626680
Overall Weight (kg)430560580600660
Linkage ModeThree-point Hitch
Power r(hp)60-7070-8080-10090-120120-150

Rastrojos motocultor

Stubble Rotavator
Swath of Plough (m)
Depth of Ploughing (mm)140-200
Overall Weight (kg)230245260430450550580
Linkage ModeThree-point Hitch
Power r(hp)18-2525-3030-4050-6070-8080-100125

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